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Yeadon Sailing Club has a long tradition of providing excellent racing, training and social sailing opportunities to all members of the community from the Yorkshire Region. Our ability to continue offering these opportunities is at risk, our club house is beyond repair and desperately in need of replacement.

Our vision is to raise enough funds to build a modest but modern and accessible facility to inspire current and future generations of aspiring sailors from the local community, upholding a tradition of grassroots sailing established since 1928 in the heart of Yeadon.

By doing this we will be able to continue to promote the benefits of sailing for mental and physical health and wellbeing across all generations providing enjoyment to sailors and their families, supporters and spectators alike.

Help us lay the foundations for the future of sailing in Yorkshire.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Clubhouse rebuild update - pretty pictures to look at

The dream.. size, shape, and delivery subject to Ts&Cs
Planning has started, the lease discussions are underway and the money is starting for flood in, well maybe. It's been a couple of months since the last update by the YSC New Facilities Project Team, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening.

We are currently discussing the new lease with the council, this discussion has been productive and we hope that we will be able to close this part of the process very soon.

We need a good strong lease which fits with both our needs and the requirements of the funding we will be going for. Thank you Leonie for your efforts on this.

We may need to make some standard changes to the constitution to accommodate the funding requirements. We are looking at those tweaks and we will call an EGM soon (potentially on Commodores Weekend). There will be nothing contentious in these changes, but we will need your support in making sure the process is completed in line with the rules of the club.

Draft layout plan
John Cheetham has been working hard to get some ideas down on paper as to what the new clubhouse will look like. By having a clear idea, we know how much it will cost and it will help the fund raising efforts. There are copies of the draft plans in the clubhouse, Feel free to have a look and comment. I have compiled a list of requirements for the clubhouse, if you are interested, as you should be because it's all for you, then please feel free to review and comment. This is all draft at the moment, but if you have any whizzy ideas on layout then now's the time to speak up. Please note the unisex changing room idea has been rejected, so if you are disappointed by that then there are other types of club you can join.

And last but not least...
You will notice that this email is signed by Tim Burnett and not Tim Gatti. This is because Tim G has had to make the very sad decision to leave Yorkshire for Norfolk, I'm not sure why because it is flat and only good for growing asparagus :) But it means that he has had to leave the project and I was the lucky one to take this on.

Tim Burnett, in the pub
Tim Gatti has done an excellent job getting the project to this point, reading through all his notes, he has done and enormous amount and for that we thank him. It's going to be a hard challenge for me and for all the members of the club, but together we can do it.

If you wish to offer your services, perhaps you are good at bag packing for fund raising? Have good links with local business? Or can rob a bank (just kidding), then we need you. Contact me at project@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

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