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Our Plan for a New Club House

Yeadon Sailing Club has a long tradition of providing excellent racing, training and social sailing opportunities to all members of the community from the Yorkshire Region. Our ability to continue offering these opportunities is at risk, our club house is beyond repair and desperately in need of replacement.

Our vision is to raise enough funds to build a modest but modern and accessible facility to inspire current and future generations of aspiring sailors from the local community, upholding a tradition of grassroots sailing established since 1928 in the heart of Yeadon.

By doing this we will be able to continue to promote the benefits of sailing for mental and physical health and wellbeing across all generations providing enjoyment to sailors and their families, supporters and spectators alike.

Help us lay the foundations for the future of sailing in Yorkshire.

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Monday, 23 November 2015

Help needed for fundraising

At YSC we have lots of great ideas on how we can raise money for a new clubhouse, but we need help from the membership and community to do this. Please take a look at the following list and join us on Sunday December 6th for the 3rd Funding Workshop


If you can't join us then don't worry, you can still help by contacting me at project@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk


Tim B

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Funding Workshop Round 2 Update

Thank you for all those members who came along to the first Funding Workshop a few weeks ago. We had an excellent time pulling together more ideals for funding. We also took the opportunity to firm up the plans we already had to start getting dates in the diary.

The next Funding Workshop will be this Saturday 31st October at the Clubhouse starting 10am until 1pm. Remember this is open to all members, because without you, this isn't going to happen. We currently have an overwhelming number of ideas, but we need to start putting those into action and that means we need members to commit to activities and start planning. Every penny matters and we need every penny if we can raise £275,000

We have put together a small video to remind everyone what we have now and why we need to build a new club to strengthen the future of Yeadon Sailing Club. It's not just about a lick of paint, a ramp and a bit for felt for the roof, we have to go right back to the base and start again.

The see the current funding ideas action list, please click here. Highlights include plans for Tony to sail for 24hours on the tarn, Marcus to run int he Yorkshire Warrior, a YSC cook book, Quizzes, Raffles and much, much more. But more is still needed.

Other activities underway at present:

Without a new lease in place then we will not be able to secure big money funding. Therefore we are currently working with the council to update this. Andrew, Leonie and Howard are currently collecting information from the trustees for the legal documents which are in the process of being drawn up.

Our first submission for planning was turned down on 3 points. Most of these have been resolved, but we have to undertake a Phase 1 Contamination Survey due to the clubs proximity to a landfill. This has been commissioned and John is working hard on getting this in order for the councils planning team.

Fund raising
We are finalising our application for a Just Giving account so that all sponsorship can be collected in a single place. We have donation options available already on the website so please check these out, and DONATE!

We have also setup an account with Easy Fund Raising, this means every penny you spend online via Easy Fund Raising, we get cash back, so please look at using this for all you online Christmas Purchases. http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/yeadonsailingclub/

Chris Gaunt has been working with the marketing team to pull together banners to promote the project, Version 1 can be seen along side.

And finally...
We just want to say a big thank you to club treasurer Louise. Louise is putting a vast amount of work into this project at present, helping to handle the financial matters of the project and put up with the project managers random accounting requests. So please thank her the next time you see her.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Check out the plans!

We recently revealed our plans at the recent Community Engagement Day held at the club on September 13th. If you haven't seen these already then please download a copy here:


Monday, 24 August 2015

Put your sun hats away and get out your thinking caps

South East Elevation
As the summer cracks the flags, the YSC new facilities project team push on!

The council have provided a response to the Heads of Terms regarding the lease, this is a significant step and means we are getting closer to our goal of completing the lease negotiations.

John has been back to the drawing board and update the plans prior to planning submission in September. You can see the latest plans by clicking here

Glenis is pulling together the stakeholder lists as part of her work in engaging the community which is planned to be held at the club on September 13th 11am until 1pm.

Bob and Catherine are preparing to table a funding meeting at the club on September 2nd at 7.30 PM, if you have any money spinning ideas, then come along (let me know if you are planning on it, so I know how many biscuits to get).

I have been recording videos of members recalling how they get into sailing, looking at the progress above this seems like easy work, but it's very helpful in inspiring others to back our cause.

As ever if you have any questions, please contact me at project@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

Tim B

Monday, 27 July 2015

New Facilities Update From The Building Team

We had a great meeting at the club tonight to talk about the building timeline for our new clubhouse including planning, contracting, knock down and build. This may look very rough, but this is the start of our grand plan. Already started mapping it to Zoho Projects!

Loads to do, but looking good. Thank you Tony and John!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

New Facilities Project Update

A brief update to the New Facilities Project.

To help with community engagement we will be holding a New Club Facilities Open Day on the Sunday 13th September 11am until 1pm

Please encourage members of the community to signup for the event at the following address:

YSC members are also welcome to come along and help out.

Bob and Catherine are carrying on the good work looking into funding.

Leonie is working hard on the lease with Howard and Andrew, plus we are also reviewing our CASC status for the project.

John has been doing some great work looking at the plans for the new club house, you will see from this image that considerable effort has been made to visualize the future building.

If you have any questions or feel as though you can help in any way towards our vision, then please email project@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

Facing Facts - Why we need a new Club House and how we plan to achieve it

A few years ago we started to think seriously about our the future of our club house. We explored various options to see how we could upgrade our facilities. The decision was made to build a new club house on the space we have today. A more solid and secure building, with better access and updated facilities.

To explain the what why and how, we have assembled this useful document about facing the facts of a new building project.

Link: Facing Facts - YSC New Facilities Project >

Please share this document.

How You Can Help

Follow us: @yeadonsailing

Help us: Tell us If you have services or knowledge that can help us to realise our vision.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Please support our plans for a new club house with an endorsement!

Saying who we are and what we do is easy for the clubs new facilities project team, but what means more to us are the thoughts and feelings of club members, members of the local community and those from the sailing community.

Please help us with a statement of endorsement that we can use in our promotional materials supporting our plans for redevelopment.

If we have inspired you, helped you or made a positive impact that you think the world should know about, then please take a few moments to provide us with a statement of endorsement.

We need your help in upgrading our clubs facilities so we can continue to provide training, racing and social sailing to the Leeds and Bradford area.

Endorse us here.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Notes from our Funding Meeting

YSC Funding team members held a meeting with representatives from Green Leeds and Leeds County Council regarding funding advice for supporting our build project.

They are extremely knowledgeable in this area having overseen a number of funding applications. They gave Catherine, Bob and myself some excellent advice on how to proceed and information to seek, and we thank her for her time.

Their key message was that in order to have success with applications, YSC needs to be in a strong position to demonstrate community involvement. YSC has been at the heart of the community for a very long time, and is very much part of the community supporting the Tarn Users Forum working closely with other groups to ensure the high standards of maintenance and access to the park and the water.

We will be looking at how we can strengthen our community message, if readers of this blog can suggest any suitable clubs or groups that we can speak to, over and above our current engagement then please email the project team at project@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

Once again, thank you for giving up their time to meet with us.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Clubhouse rebuild update - pretty pictures to look at

The dream.. size, shape, and delivery subject to Ts&Cs
Planning has started, the lease discussions are underway and the money is starting for flood in, well maybe. It's been a couple of months since the last update by the YSC New Facilities Project Team, but that doesn't mean that nothing has been happening.

We are currently discussing the new lease with the council, this discussion has been productive and we hope that we will be able to close this part of the process very soon.

We need a good strong lease which fits with both our needs and the requirements of the funding we will be going for. Thank you Leonie for your efforts on this.

We may need to make some standard changes to the constitution to accommodate the funding requirements. We are looking at those tweaks and we will call an EGM soon (potentially on Commodores Weekend). There will be nothing contentious in these changes, but we will need your support in making sure the process is completed in line with the rules of the club.

Draft layout plan
John Cheetham has been working hard to get some ideas down on paper as to what the new clubhouse will look like. By having a clear idea, we know how much it will cost and it will help the fund raising efforts. There are copies of the draft plans in the clubhouse, Feel free to have a look and comment. I have compiled a list of requirements for the clubhouse, if you are interested, as you should be because it's all for you, then please feel free to review and comment. This is all draft at the moment, but if you have any whizzy ideas on layout then now's the time to speak up. Please note the unisex changing room idea has been rejected, so if you are disappointed by that then there are other types of club you can join.

And last but not least...
You will notice that this email is signed by Tim Burnett and not Tim Gatti. This is because Tim G has had to make the very sad decision to leave Yorkshire for Norfolk, I'm not sure why because it is flat and only good for growing asparagus :) But it means that he has had to leave the project and I was the lucky one to take this on.

Tim Burnett, in the pub
Tim Gatti has done an excellent job getting the project to this point, reading through all his notes, he has done and enormous amount and for that we thank him. It's going to be a hard challenge for me and for all the members of the club, but together we can do it.

If you wish to offer your services, perhaps you are good at bag packing for fund raising? Have good links with local business? Or can rob a bank (just kidding), then we need you. Contact me at project@yeadonsailingclub.co.uk

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Project Kick off

At the AGM before Christmas, the meeting heard that the Club’s original plan to move into the adjacent Leeds Sailing and Activity Centre and share the premises had had to be abandoned partly due to changes in LSAC’s activity levels.

The AGM subsequently adopted a proposal to move towards the development of plans to construct a  new Clubhouse facility on our existing site and to raise the necessary funding to enable this to happen. 

(This decision was communicated to our local Councillors at a meeting on 21st March 2015 and their sup-port for the Club’s decision was obtained).

As a result, a project structure has been established to progress the various levels of activity necessary to bring this plan to fruition. This project structure can be seen in the right hand navigation.

Four keys areas of work are progressing well:

Lease Extension/Renewal activity

Some of the grants we will be applying for require specific clauses in our lease and a minimum term of ten years. Since the remaining term on our current lease is five years we are in the process of drawing together our requirements for discussion with Leeds City Council to establish a new lease and licence to use the Tarn. A preliminary meeting has already taken place and a second one will be scheduled in April.

Role of Architect

The AGM agreed to allocate Club funds to fund an architect to draw up sketch plans for a new Club-
house, based on our existing wish-list of features and functionality. John Cheetham (a Club member  and experienced architect) has been contacted and subsequent discussions have clarified elements of  project phasing, roles and responsibilities, fees and timescales for design and construction. John will commence work on the project in early April and sketch plans will be circulated for members consideration in due course. Once these are approved following consultation, we can move towards defining accurate costs and obtaining planning approval.


Activity is ongoing to develop a funding strategy document as well as further research into sources of grant aid and funding. These include Sport England ‘Inspired Facilities’ funding, grants from Landfill schemes as well as grants from local Councils. We need to secure all necessary funds before we can move onto the demolition and construction phase of the project. Currently we are looking at a total expenditure requirement of around £200K.

Project Management 

Tim Gatti and Tim Burnett have been reviewing the most appropriate way to manage the overall project using software tools to enable the team to work together effectively. In the meantime, Tim B has developed a Project Update blog on our new Club website so that members can be kept informed of progress as it happens check it out at www.yeadonsailingclub.co.uk/project

Watch that space!